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BEEING in a Good Space

To some, Candelahs are a visual treat shining in their home, others are taken by the magic of Science in them - and again others feel a connection to their light.

As a company and through their Candelahs, BEEING would like to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary ones - and "beam" the observer into a good space.

Candelahs are light refracting candle holders, powered by common household tea light candles. They achieve their mesmerising visual effect via a special light-refracting material which is individually fitted to - and sewn around - a glass holder.

Each Candelah comes with a tea light candle in a clear, transparent case – which is preferred to those in metal cases - as they are virtually invisible inside the glass holder. Candelahs are of course reusable.

Although not mentioned by the tea light manufacturers, we reuse the transparent tea light cases as well - until the case becomes unsightly.
To refill, remove all residue from the clear case, then slip off the metal case from any 4h or 6h tea light candle before placing the candle into the clear case. The transparent cases last a reasonable amount of time, but they weren’t designed to last forever. It is advisable to have a few clear-cased tea lights as spares (BEEING offers these in tubes of 5).

Please respect the power of a flame and always keep a burning Candelah within sight.

BEEING upcycles the removed metal tea light cases and turns them into beautiful greeting cards – which you can purchase OR use these pictures as inspiration to make your own.

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Candelahs come packaged in robust cardboard tubes for safe travels.
There is the choice between the standard packaging or any BEEING gift box (no added charge).

According to the four different types of Candelahs, the standard packaging is labelled as:

• Dancing Star (for the Star Candelah)

• Rainbow Moments (for the Rainbow Candelah)

• Ray of Delight (for the Ray Candelah) and

• Glitter Cloud (for the Glitter Cloud Candelah)

Alternatively we have following gift boxes – should you wish to personalise a Candelah gift

• REMEMBER – someone you love

• ENJOY – the moment

• YOU ARE A STAR – Thank you

• YOU ARE MY STAR – I love you

• HAPPY BIRTHDAY – wishing you 365 memorable days

• STAR OF AFRICA – shining for you

• GET WELL SOON – all the best

• CONGRATULATIONS – and best wishes

• YOU ARE A STAR – to me


• GOOD LUCK – wishing you the very best


• STARRY NIGHT – Merry Christmas

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BEEING Product Image
BEEING Product Image
BEEING Product Image
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